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Jeff Hagan

Far exceeded expectations!

We purchased the S3 for my father in law. This scooter has far exceeded our expectations. It is well built and amazingly light for how much power it has. Handles light off roading easily. Gets to max speed of 6mph quickly and easily. Slows down in turns to keep it stable. Has intuitive and very descriptive screen. Folds up easily and rolls behind like a suitcase. Highly recommended. If the battery holds out for years, this is an amazing buy!

Don M

I like how sturdy it looks and feels

I like how sturdy it looks and feels. It folds up for traveling quickly. I like that you can pull it along like a suitcase. It’s a little heavy for me to pickup to get it in and out of my van, but I manage by putting the one end on he bumper then lifting the other end up and pushing it in. Great product.

M Todd Hess

They helped me a lot when I had some problems

They helped a lot when I had some problems. They even sent a replacement part with instructions.

They issued me partial refund for my inconvenience.

Great company!

Melanie Addington

Great scooter

Here are some great things about this scooter:
-It's very easy to operate
-It goes great over grass and dirt
-It is very sturdy and well-built
-It folds all the way down without having to disassemble (except to take the basket off)
-It has a quiet motor
-It hasvery nice display screen showing speed and battery level
-It has a "walk" mode (for if battery dies, I think)

I don't know about how long the battery lasts.

I have a couple of small critiques. First, it is very heavy, although I think it is because it is so well-built. Even though is is great that the whole thing folds down, I wish that there was an option to disassemble to (1) help it be easier to load and unload for us weak-bodied folk, and (2) help it fit I to smaller spaces.

I don't have any more complaints. I really love this scooter!


I love my S1 scooter

I love my S1 scooter! Unfortunately it came with a damaged mode switch. I contacted the company and they are sending a new switch but I haven't received it yet. I found a workaround in the mean time. Great little scooter! I hope I receive the replacement switch soon. I will do an update when the switch arrives.

Brenda Baker

Comes together and apart with ease

The mobility scooter itself is everything as advertised. It comes together with virtually no effort and is ready to use. My husband says the max speed is the most he will ever need. The box it came in was mashed and had big holes jabbed into it but miraculously the scooter was packed well and not damaged. The company was offering a $250 discount on facebook and they were reluctant to honor it, saying that offer had expired, but in fact the ad was still running a week after my purchase, so they did apply the discount. We requested the gray scooter, but were notified several days after our purchase that this color would involve a 10 day delay in shipping, so we agreed to the red color that we didn't really want. It wasn't a deal breaker. Overall the scooter is nice and compact and folds very easily for transport. The customer service center is on EST so west coasters need to call early!

Walking my dog

When I first saw the advertisement for GLASHOW I was impressed, because when I read the reviews it was exactly what I was looking for. I emailed Customer
Service and asked them if this would be good for walking my dog and they said yes and boy were they right. I have gaite issue and loose my balance and have dog that pulls. I can’t walk her anymore. The scooter has been a lifesaver. I can walk my dog with ease and I use a retractable leash that I attach with velcrow to the side so my hands are both on the steering
wheel. She walks right by my side and
when I want her to go further I can extend the leash out then I can bring her back in, my problems are solved. I don’t have to hire a dog walker anymore and saves me a lot of money in the long run. Thank you Glashow for helping me.

A Verified Customer on Trustpilot


Respectful, knowledgeable customer service. Helped me through the process. This scooter was ordered for my daughter who was recently diagnosed with a particularly debilitating form of cancer. She will spend all summer in hot Arizona and needs to be able to get around her RV park in the heat with her dog. Was assured it will accommodate her needs and so far it has done well.

A Verified Customer on Trustpilot

Fast delivery and well packaged

Very well packaged, no shipping damage. Ready to go out of the box. battery changed, tire pressure is correct.

Not as heavy as I expected, bought it for my aunt whom is disabled. She loves the ease of operation and the speed. She says the seat has plenty of room. So far a really dependable little machine. It's a nice scooter and this is a good investment.

Davis Brown

Freedom maker

As I am currently recovering from ankle surgery and cannot yet use a knee roller, this scooter has been a lifesaver. The scooter is truly impressive, with its impressive speed, convenient size that easily fits in my hatchback, and ability to handle riding on grass. In addition, its excellent turning radius is a definite bonus. Don’t allow the price to deter you because it’s worth every penny.

A Verified Customer

Super scooter

I love the scooter!! It's perfect! It has some audible safety features. The seating is comfortable. It glides smoothly along hospital hallways. It has a light and horn. It has a basket and my feet sit nicely on the floor. The steering is easy to use. It glides up the gravel driveway with no problem. Every business and hospital could find the scooter very useful to move quickly from one place to another. I highly recommend this scooter.

Paul Murphy

Easy to use and works great for me

Five days ago, my scooter arrived and it took me around twenty minutes to assemble after I unpacked it. I first placed the battery, then the seat, and made adjustments to the seat and tiller. I followed the instructions and charged the scooter before using it. Once it was charged, I found it easy to drive and maneuver. I had some concerns about braking, but the automatic braking system exceeded my expectations. Overall, it's a great little scooter for getting around.

Sage L. Arnell

Great for elderly

My 82 year old grandma recently fell and broke her ankle. She was non weight bearing and needed a way to get around the house. I bought this scooter for her to use and it has been amazing! She can use it to go check her mail, go grocery shopping, you name it! It has a super long battery life, and a back up alert which has saved us all from being ran over lol. It comes fully assembled and ready to go.

Cindy Solloway

Nice scooter

This mobility scooter arrived ahead of schedule and came all assembled. It was so easy to set up and use. It folds down nicely for storage and it is lightweight enough for my husband to pick up and put in the back of the truck when we go out. It has a digital speedometer and 3 speeds, plus reverse. It has a horn and a light for night time use. The battery lasts a long time, so I can use it all day. Works for indoor and outdoor use.

Cheryl Kinder

Excellent choice for mobility limited people

Absolutely love this scooter. My mom has issues walking long distances but she still wants to be independent. Her new scoot has a tight turn, it rides smooth, and a single charge lasted her several trips to the grocery. The scoot came assembled and ready to go, just pop the seat on and take off. Backup warning and a headlight are really nice touches. She couldn't be happier.

Dorothy J Morphies

Why didn’t I buy this years ago

This scooter has been a God send. Not as heavy as I expected, bought it for my aunt whom is disabled. She loves the ease of operation and the speed. She says the seat has plenty of room. So far a really dependable little machine.

Susan Johnson

Love this for my mom!

Great scooter! My mom absolutely loves this scooter. She uses it almost daily to get around the neighborhood, and she always comments on how her visits to the neighbors are so much easier now.

Kate Bailey

Great quality

Easy assembly, fast shipping, works great

Julie Smith

Scooter for my dad

Works great! It's quick and easy to assemble.

Robert Russell

Easy to drive

Easy to drive, makes my life easier. So glad I finally made this my new wheels.

Pamela Elliott

When a mistake was made

When a mistake was made by a salesman the manager came forward and offered me either a full refund or a discount if I decided to keep it anyway
Very professional

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