Brand Creation

Glashow Mobility is dedicated to the invention and innovation of mobility solutions for your cared ones around the globe. Established in 2023, the founding core team has extensive experience in various fields, including product development, marketing, and supply chain management. The research and development team consists of over 200 professionals, primarily from leading companies in the electronics and mobility industries.

Currently, we have invested 10 million USD in product research and development. And we have built over 50 labs for research and testing.

Shaping the Future of Mobility Solutions With Industry-Leading Technology

Our mission is to develop innovative, modern mobility solutions for your cared ones around the globe.

Glashow Mobility sets new standards in mobility efficiency and performance with cutting-edge tech.

We are at the forefront of the industry in core technologies such as 36V 12Hh lithium battery, "PAI" Smart Safety Riding System, 250W brushless motor, and pioneering industry-first innovations.